Moontime cloth pads: A History

One day, while I was washing my children's cloth diapers, I thought "Why not wash my own cloth menstrual pads too?" It would certainly help the planet!

I bought a single Moonwit pad from a local woman.

I fell in love with them and soon joined the Moonwit Collective whose goal was to encourage women to be empowered, healthy and comfortable in their bodies.

The collective was conceived in 1989 in British Columbia.

I've sewn and sold cloth menstrual pads since 1991.

In 2007 the collective was down to one - me.

I redesigned and re-named my pads: Moontime Pads began!

Before Moontime, all the pads used to have one large facecloth-size liner. Now, new Moontime Pads feature smaller liners yet the medium and large sizes each come with two liners so you can choose the thickness that best suits your needs.

* * *

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